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26. October 2016

Announcement: Research Design and Research Methodology

On the 15th of November 2016, 8:15-11h, US-F104 the SME Graduate School in cooperation with the House of Young Talents (Dr. Daniel Müller) offer the following course.

Besides the members of the graduate school this course is also open for other Ph.D. students at the University of Siegen. If you want to join please sent a mail to Dr. Christian Reuter (christian.reuter@uni-siegen.de) until the 8th of November.

Research Design and Research Methodology
The short workshop is offered in cooperation with the Graduate School of Faculty III and intended as a sweeping overview over the various options for research design, with a certain focus on the social (in particular economics) and legal sciences. Beginning with a short introduction to the philosophy of science, the course will chart the ways various disciplines employ to gain secure knowledge, from largely pure reasoning (mathematics, philosophy) to hard-core empiricist methods like the experiment. The group will then concentrate on the various forms of data gathering and data analysis with a focus on the quantitative-qualitative dichotomy. This ought to present PhD students with clear choices regarding designs to answer their respective research questions. When and for which types of research is it appropriate to employ: quantitative (statistical) methods; qualitative methods;
or both (“mixed methods”)?