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13. December 2016

Visitors from Azerbaijan and the Topic of Peer Reviewing

The SME Graduate School met on the 13th of December for the monthly research colloquium. At our meeting three postdoctoral researchers from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics attended. One of our guests, Ragif Gasimov (PhD in Economics), opened the colloquium with a presentation about his PhD project where he will perform research on Human Resource Management in higher education institutions of Azerbaijan. Afterwards, Dr. Christian Reuter and Dr. Sohaib Hassan gave an overall view on the conduct of peer reviews. We learned that peer reviews are a method to ensure the quality of contributions, especially papers, for scientific conferences or journals and are used in cases of funding research projects. Our coordinators also informed us about the different kinds of peer reviews. For instance, an often used type is the double-blind review, whereby neither the author nor the reviewer know each other, so that an unbiased review is the result. Other types are the single-blind and open reviews. Besides we discussed pros and cons of peer reviews and their process. So it takes several months until all reviews are written and it cannot be guaranteed that the reviewers just represent their own point of view. At the end we talked about our plans for 2017. In January, our ring lecture will start with short presentations of the supervising professors and discussions afterwards. At the end of January, we will also have a workshop with Prof. Dr. David Audretsch (Indiana University).

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