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20. March 2017

Research Colloquium 14th March

The SME Graduate School took place on the 14th of March for the monthly research colloquium after short winter break.

At the beginning of general meeting new member of the graduate school, Jonas Janisch, joined us and introduced himself, told us about his project: “Business Model Innovation in an contextualized view of entrepreneurship”.

In 10-minute presentations, every participant presented the ideas of the project, research progress and research problem, the current situation and future steps on the nearest time. The each presentation is provided by inspiring discussion, which gave opportunity for new viewpoints. There are the following topics of the presentations which have been demonstrated:

  1. Julian Ruf: “Family business: Success through competitive advantage, Moderator of family business’ competitive advantage”.
  2. Marc-André Kaufhold: „Lightweight BCM by Socio-Technological Networking”.
  3. Florian Neitzert: “Future of SME Financing in Europe”.
  4. Matthias Sehr: “Sustainable managing entrepreneurs and social market economy in context of economic education”.
  5. Tsatsenko Natalia: “The innovative activities of SMEs in clusters and its impact on the regional economic growth”.
  6. Michel Kusche: “Determinants of business formation and location decision of companies”
  7. Christian Reintjes: “Beam Structure Optimization for Additive Manufacturing based on technical Operations Research Methods”.

We received one video presentation of Jens Bolay who is taking part on exchange studying program at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

After we completed first section of research colloquium, Dr. Christian Reuter and Dr. Sohaib Hassan provided us information about next meeting and deadline of expose, what lectures of House Young Talents will be possible to attend during upcoming summer semester. At the middle of April, we will have the next monthly research colloquium.