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16. November 2016

Research Design and Research Methodology

The first part of the SME Graduate School meeting was also open to prospective and current PhD researchers of the faculty. It was co-organized by the House of Young Talents and SME Graduate School. Dr. Daniel Müller, head of the House of Young Talents, opened the third group meeting with his workshop on “Research Design and Research Methodology”. After an introduction to the general philosophy of science, Dr. Müller outlined several research approaches of different disciplines. Although the special focus was on quantitative and qualitative research and its ambivalence, he also introduced into the concept of “mixed methods”, which combines both research approaches and gave examples for application. Meanwhile and after the presentation, Dr. Müller answered many questions regarding this topic and also gave the opportunity to discuss his remarks. Subsequently, SME Graduate School member Christine Weigel defended her Master Thesis, which is about “The Role and Impact of Accountants: A Systematic Literature Review”. Besides Christine Weigel gave the SME Graduate School interesting insights in her methodological approach. With the defence of her Master Thesis, Christine Weigel obtained her Master Degree in Controlling and Risk Management.

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