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21. June 2017

Second Colloquium: Knowledge Management in SMEs

The research colloquium in June 2017 started with some general information about future events and both coordinators clarified questions regarding the reviews of the previous written Exposés.

After that, coordinator Dr. Sohaib Hassan introduced the audience the research field of knowledge management in SMEs and gave some general insights in knowledge management. He focused on the differences in knowledge management between bigger companies and SMEs. His presentation ended with a lively discussion in the SME group. Afterwards each scholar had to present their chosen research paper about knowledge management.

IMG_0776              IMG_0779

Michel Kusche and Florian Neitzert started with their presentation of the research paper “A literature review on knowledge management in SMEs” (Cerchione et al., 2016). Michel showed the increase of research paper published regarding knowledge management in SMEs and demonstrated how new this research area is. As Christine and Florian was excused, they will present their parts on the next SME research colloquium. Natalia, Jens and Matthias presented about “Knowledge management at SMEs: five peculiarities“ (Desouza & Awazu, 2006). As Jens is still studying abroad in Baku, he sent a video which was broadcasted during their presentation. Marc-André Kaufhold and Christian Reintjes had the same topic and as the first group presented the first two peculiarities, they presented the missing ones and linked the topic to their own research fields. The last presentation of the day was from Julian Ruf and Jonas Janisch. They presented the Paper “Knowledge Accumulation in Family Firms – Evidence from Four Case Studies” (Chirico, 2015) and explained the family-business knowledge model, which is the main outcome of the research paper.