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25. April 2017

Semester Opening Colloquium of the SME Graduate School

The first Research Colloquium of the new semester was opened by the SME Graduate School Coordinators Dr. Sohaib Hassan and Dr. Christian Reuter, who gave the SME Graduate School fellows an overview of upcoming events for the summer term. Among others, the events planned include research colloquia, ring lectures and PhD courses.

After the introduction, SME Graduate School fellow Christine Weigel gave a presentation about the research projects she is currently working on and the progress she made so far. Furthermore Christine Weigel explained the future steps she is going to make in her research and gave the audience overall insights in her research with a focus on accounting in family firms and SMEs. After a short discussion of the fellow’s presentation, the scholars of the Graduate School discussed the exposé with Dr. Sohaib Hassan and Dr. Christian Reuter. Further topics discussed were possible conferences the fellows of the Graduate School might attend and the PhD courses offered by the House of Young Talents and the University of Siegen. At the end of the Colloquium there was a brief exchange of ideas about PhD courses and which courses might be especially interesting for the members of the SME Graduate School.