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Team_Tsatsenko-NataliaNatalia Tsatsenko, M.Sc.

PhD Fellow

SME Graduate School,  Chair for Economics & Chair for European Economic Policy

School of Economic Disciplines, Faculty III, University of Siegen

Campus Unteres Schloss, Unteres Schloss 3, Raum US-A 217, 57072 Siegen

Phone: +49 (0) 271/ 740 –2662

Mail: Tsatsenko(at)vwl.uni-siegen.de

Visiting hours: by appointment

Research Interests:

  • Development Economics,
  • Economic Growth
  • SMEs, Entrepreneurship
  • Structural Change

Supervising chair:

Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Koch

Chair for Economics 

Prof. Dr. Carsten Hefeker

Chair for European Economic Policy,  (from 1st August 2019)

Faculty III, University of Siegen


Tsatsenko N. (2020). Climate change and its impact on crop yields in Sub-Saharan Africa: new evidences from modern studies. Journal of Agriculture and Environment, Vol. 1 (13),   pp.1 – 8, ISSN 2564-890X. Available at: http://jae.cifra.science/article/view/198.                                     http://dx.doi.org/10.23649/jae.2020.1.13.3

Tsatsenko N. (2020). The Relationship between entrepreneurship and economic growth: key issues. Colloquium-journal (The Polish international journal of scientific publications). Vol.9 (61), pp. 22 – 25. Available at: http://www.colloquium-journal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/colloquium-journal-961-chast-6.pdf.  doi: 10.24411/2520- 6990-2020-11615.